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  • Do you know the characteristics of the North Atlantic Right Whale?

Mission Statement To facilitate and support research, conservation and stewardship of whales; with a focus on the North Atlantic Right Whale.

Kids & Teachers.Without education we walk into the future with blinders on. CWI is committed to bringing the North Atlantic right whale into the classroom ...

CWI Makes Progress in Studying the North Atlantic right whale

Whales are the harbingers of things to come. Helping to save one species ...

Saving Whales, Saving the Planet, Saving Ourselves

Right next to humans at the top of the food chain are our cetaceous friends, the whales.

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The Canadian Whale Insititute supports many research projects and stewardship measures taking place ...

CWI is involved in a number of campaigns. Check them out and see which one you would like to be involved in.